Leasing details

Leasing now available !

Lease a $4495 system that covers 80,000 sq ft for as little as $125 per month OAC ! (over 48 months)

And 'write it off' as a business expense like eg: computer equipment  !


Wireless-Solutions is now partnered with Easylease Corporation. To go to the Easylease website---CLICK HERE

Fill out our 1-page form & scan or fax to number shown on application ! Approval is usually within MINUTES !

 CLICK HERE to download the 1-page pdf leasing form 

It's that easy---to Easylease !

Note ! Leasing option is available for Commercial / Industrial systems only.
Residential systems are not eligible for leasing.


About Easylease

Easylease Corp is a Canadian-based equipment leasing and finance company.

Easylease is dedicated to offering equipment leasing solutions, creatively structured and quickly executed to best meet the needs of our varied client base.

We are dedicated to assisting our customers maximize their profit potential by applying creative financing solutions to allow them to keep pace with the speed of technology, in order to achieve greater growth potential, create significantly higher levels of customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs, and/or increase sales and market share

From e-business tools to simplify and speed up the financing process, to our comprehensive leasing force, which combines the unique credit interest of multiple funders to offer unprecedented flexibility and service, Easylease’s team of talented financing professionals has the experience to make your business more competitive.

Easylease combines the unique credit interest of multiple funding partners to create a leasing force with unprecedented flexibility and service to businesses across Canada. By maintaining solid alliances with over 30 different funding partners, we are able to provide creatively structured terms at low rates to our customers. This allows us to offer a full range of financing services, from standard leases to the more flexible Lease Line of Credit.

We pride ourselves on providing quality service to our customers and vendors. To do just that, Easylease offers online application and e-commerce functionality and comprehensive vendor programs to make it easier for all parties involved, whether it be customers and lessees, vendor partners or funding partners, to work efficiently and effectively at today’s speed of business. Our lease calculator, quick quote service and same-day credit approvals make it faster and simpler than ever before for you to find and secure the business finance solutions you need.

Our group of skilled and experienced professionals prides itself on delivering creatively structured leasing solutions to meet the needs of your corporation. From small business to large public companies, Easylease has the answer to your equipment financing needs and will serve you with the speed, knowledge and professionalism you expect from an industry leader. We offer a full range of credit solutions to help you stretch your money, including equipment leasing, lease lines of credit, factoring, and term loans.


Whether you are a large public company, a new start-up, or somewhere in between, Easylease Corp has a financial solution for you !

Easylease --- Financial solutions for helping your business grow !


Why Easylease ? Why not !

The skilled and knowledgeable professionals at Easylease strive to offer our customers an effortless leasing experience.
Read on to find out why Easylease is the lease provider for your business!

Excellent Customer Service

Easylease ensures all customers receive superb service by assigning all customers an individual local account representative. You local account rep is responsible for managing your account, including all inquiries from the point of inception to the point of termination of each lease contract. To ensure any queries you may have are handled personally, Easylease doesn’t use huge call centers in other time zones with agents that don’t know you or have any real interest in your needs.

Best Price and Terms

Easylease underwrites high volumes of business with over 30different funding partners. As a result, we get preferred rates and terms, which we pass on to our customers whenever possible. Our history of solid, strategic alliances with distributors, manufacturers and suppliers of office equipment, telecommunications equipment, computer equipment and many other products allow us to secure the best possible deal for you.

High Credit Approval Ratio

Easylease’s financial and leasing experts work hard to package your credit in the best possible light, and present it to only a strategically selected subset of our funding partners. We can offer our applicants the security of a 95% approval ratio on all credit submissions!

Same Day Credit Approvals

Easylease can offer you credit approval within minutes on amounts under $50,000, making it even easier for you to get financing. There is no need for financing to take up a lot of your time or cause delays, even for amounts over $50,000, Easylease can get back to you within 1 business day!

Speedy and Convenient

Easylease has devoted significant effort in developing advanced e-commerce functionality, enabling instant online tracking and reporting on leases. From instant online credit scoring to customized online lease calculators, this unique suite of e-tools makes it easier than ever before to effortlessly obtain financing and manage your leases.

Reporting and Asset Tracking

Easylease’s advanced web-based system can provide online asset tracking via a simple web interface. Easylease’s "Asset Tracker" provides a one-stop solution to tracking your assets and leases regardless of how many different locations or leasing companies you deal with. Easylease can also customize reports to meet your specific needs, and notifies all lessees before end of term, as well as keeping in contact with you throughout the term of the lease.

Perfect for New Businesses !

Easylease maintains relationships with a select group of funding partners that specialize in financing for relatively new businesses and start-ups. This gives us the unique ability to obtain credit approval for companies who have been in business for under one year.


Easylease representative for Wireless-Solutions: (please direct ALL leasing questions to this contact)
Rick Aube---Business Development Manager
Easylease Corp.
Direct: 705-761-6355 | Office: 1.800.293.1119 | Fax: 1.800.835-8464


Wireless-Solutions accepts NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER for any leasing agreements, or arrangements, made between 1st, 2nd or 3rd parties or otherwise and
Easylease Corp. Wireless Solutions shall not be held responsible financially or otherwise; from 1st, 2nd or 3rd parties or otherwise, due to any agreements,
or arrangements made between Easylease Corp and any company or individuals.