Returns Policy

Return Policy / Warranty

We accept returns within the 1st 30 days after date of purchase only.
Returns within 30 days--TERMS

Returns regarding defective or broken components:
Note: The only component that will rarely ‘break’---is the amplifier; as it is the only component that requires power.

There is a 2 YEAR WARRANTY on your system.


1. Buyer pays shipping return charges. Refund will be purchase price LESS a $75 open box charge. We can't sell as new once opened.
2. Remainder of refund is based on a full test of system.
3. You MUST return with ORIGINAL PACKAGING and all manuals.
4. Any tampering with the amplifier or other components VOIDS the warranty and VOIDS ANY return.
5. NOTE ! Running the system with the red warning light on for even a SHORT period can easily blow up (fry) your amplifier !
Our technical department can tell if an amplifier is blown due to running with the red warning light(s) on !
If this is the case--this WILL VOID your warranty

Wireless-Solutions accepts NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER for improper use of this booster amplification system(s) to telecom carriers, or persons, 3rd parties or otherwise.

Notice !
Producing destructive RF (radio frequency) ‘’noise’ due to improper installation, or operation is illegal, and against CRTC & Industry Canada regulations.

IN ADDITION, Wireless-Solutions will NOT be held responsible for ‘poor performance’ due to network congestion, or any other (many) network / carrier circumstances that can or may impact performance which is BEYOND OUR CONTROL.

*Wireless Solutions shall not be held responsible financially or otherwise; from 2nd , 3rd parties or otherwise, due to improper use, intentionally or unintentionally of our cellular amplification systems.


If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE send us an email(s) rather than calling.
That way; we will BOTH have written documentation of your progress & our technical staff can refer to ALL your concerns both when you install, and should you have any questions or concerns in the future !
Thank you in advance for this consideration !


We welcome your input (via email) as to how many bars you had BEFORE installing the booster, and how many ‘bars’ you have AFTER installation !
Wireless Solutions thanks you for your order and appreciates the opportunity to help ‘Raise your Bars’ !
Thank you for your business ! We sincerely appreciate it !