NEW ! PRICE *INCLUDES* INSTALLATION ! Industrial / Warehouse System--80dB--3G/4G/LTE

WIRELESS-SOLUTIONS--Industrial / Warehouse System--80dB--full 5 band including 3G/4G/LTE
Covers up to 80,000 square feet*


*Price may vary. Each facility is evaluated on a case-by-case basis 

Wireless Solution's FORCE-5 80dB is the most powerful 5 band 3G/4G/LTE linear amplifier in its price range on the market today.
It extends cellular services in poor coverage zones where the signal is weak due to topography, building materials or structural design.
This full-featured amplifier includes adjustable gain control and automatic shutdown for maximum flexibility.
Ideal for locations with a low cellular signal and/or requiring large coverage.
Supports multiple simultaneous callers from all major Canadian carriers.

1. 80dB 3G/4G/LTE power amp
2. 1 outdoor antenna
3. 6 indoor antennas
4. All cables, splitters etc.


*Price for full system as above installed by our CERTIFIED installers for only $19,995 !

Note ! Maximum performance is obtained when installed by our certified installers !

**Note: Additional installation charges may apply depending on your location**

We are offering installation anywhere in Ontario plus some select provinces at this time 


Corporate campuses
Distributions centers

WIRELESS-SOLUTIONS  FORCE-5 is an industrial cell phone booster system solution suitable for factories, warehouses or similar large facilities.
COVERAGE — Up to 80,000 SQ FT* (depending on existing cell signal*)

An example of a typical installation showing 6 dome antennas inside a facility

WIRELESS-SOLUTIONS brings the new standard in cellular amplification for Canada.
Built with high linearity, this top-of-the-line system combines Cellular and PCS dual-bands with 3G/4G/LTE/AWS frequencies for Bell, Rogers, and Telus as a total cellular amplification solution.

Note ! To help you achieve maximum performance of this powerful system, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE pdf (adobe) QUESTIONNAIRE & EMAIL TO US TO ASSIST US IN EVALUATING YOUR REQUIREMENTS  ! 

The questionnaire is CRITICAL for you to achieve maximum performance of this powerful system !

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Note ! This is not a consumer device ! 

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NEW ! PRICE *INCLUDES* INSTALLATION ! Industrial / Warehouse System--80dB--3G/4G/LTE

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